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     Powdersville Community Church began with the strong belief that lost people really matter to God. Lost people are not always a demographic desired by the church at large—they have too many problems, hang ups and addictions. But we believe that their worth in God’s eyes is immeasurable. Many churches start with the goal of reaching people in a certain economic and racial spectrum. We started from the get go to reach this often overlooked group of people.

     We soon out grew the living room of our Pastor, Dr. C. Scott Ghan, in January of 1999, offering a style of worship that was casual and contemporary. We moved to Powdersville Middle School and then to a store front location on Hwy. 123 where we continued to grow until God provided us with a permanent home at the intersection of I-85 and Hwy. 153.  

     Here Powdersville Community Church continues to exalt the person of Jesus Christ and reach lost people. We invite you to come visit this vibrant congregation and catch the vision which God has placed before us.

                                                     Pastor - Dr. C. Scott Ghan

                                                     Music Minister - Rick Whitten

                                                     Children’s Church Minister - Ken Sapp

                                                     Board Members - Larry Inabinet, Roy Kaye,  Mike Haggard, and
                                                                                    Clyde Atkins